“All new and returning students must complete registration/enrolment formalities before they commence or resume study at Fulton College. This normally occurs the week before classes commence. An Orientation session is scheduled for all new students.”

First-Semester Registration

  1. Provide required personal information to the Director of Student Services

  2. Arrange individual work programs with the Student Work Coordinator

  3. Sign the Acceptance Form of all College regulations, (including the Student Handbook, Academic Bulletin and Financial Policies) provided by the Student Services Office, Academic Registry and Business Office
  4. Complete the competencies testing:
    • - Computer Skills for All New students
    • - Literacy & Numeracy for All New students
    • - Conversational Vernacular for Fiji citizens studying Education & Theology
    • - Adventist Doctrine forTheology students
  5. Submit the completed registration form to the Academic Office

Registration Procedures

The following outlines the general registration processes:

  1. Obtain financial clearance from the Business Office. Students are encouraged to do this prior to arriving at Fulton to speed up their registration
  2. Arrange the semester's academic program with the Course Director (for returning students, this step may be taken as part of a pre-registration process towards the end of the previous semester)
  3. Confirm contact details for next of kin and student sponsors

  4. Sign a statement of acceptance for any special academic conditions attached to the student's study at Fulton College
  5. Collect a Student ID card

  6. Submit the completed registration form to the Academic Office