Fulton welcomes qualified applicants without regard to race, color, gender or marital status. While the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific sponsors and financially supports the institution, and the majority of students are Seventh-day Adventists, the College requires no specific religious affiliation for admission. Subject to available space, admission to and continued enrolment at the institution is dependent on evidence of good character, intellectual competence and a willingness to respect the faith, beliefs, missions and lifestyle expectations of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Fulton is also committed to respecting the religious convictions of all students so that they also can worship free from lectures, exams, and work.

Fulton is committed to sound scholarship and learning. Entrance levels for each program are included in the respective Appendix. Each department carefully monitors the level of academic rigor in each course of study and follows a program of progressive academic assessment designed to teach personal accountability and responsibility in all academic areas.

What We Expect From New Applicants

A high standard of spoken and written English is expected of all students enrolled in College courses. Future School software provides a tool for students to improve their literacy and numeracy.

Fulton provides a balanced educational program that fosters the intellectual, physical, emotional, social and spiritual growth of its students. Fulton emphasizes not only personal and professional development but also the acceptance of values that motivate its graduates toward lives of dedicated service to the glory of God in the wider community.

All students accepted for study at Fulton must sign an agreement that while registered students of the College that they will adhere to the high moral standards of the college and not consume alcohol, use tobacco, betel-nut, and illicit drugs on or off campus or bring such substances onto the campus.

The Seventh-day Sabbath is commemorated from sunset Friday evening to sunset Saturday evening. Students are expected to respect this period and refrain from activities that would interfere with the personal and organised worship programs during this period. All students are invited to attend and participate in these worship programs.

Security of students and staff is a concern of the College. Students are expected to support the various security initiatives undertaken by the College Administration.

Application forms for studying at Fulton are available from any of the listed venue:

  • Fulton College - download it from our website, email, telephone or in person
  • Seventh-day Adventist Secondary Schools throughout the Trans-Pacific Union
  • Education Directors throughout the Trans-Pacific Union

Applications should include the following documents:

  1. A completed official Application Form

  2. Passport-size photographs (1 for Fijian students; 3 for overseas students)

  3. Certified copies of relevant documents:

  4. Birth certificate

  5. Baptismal certificate (Theology only)

  6. Certificates and Results confirming students’ qualifications
  7. Academic and Character references (sent directly to the College by referees)
  8. Medical clearance

  9. Police report

  10. Fee guarantee statement

Applications should be submitted by 15th January of each year.

Applications will be considered only if all the required information is enclosed with the application form.

All documents submitted with your application will NOT be returned. If you do not wish to submit original documents then you should submit copies that have been certified by a Commissioner of Oaths, a Senior Civil Servant, or a School Principal. Your application will be rejected if documents show alterations, erasures of any kind, or falsification. The Academic Office may require the sighting of original documents before confirming an applicant's acceptance to the College. If subsequently, it is discovered that the presented documents had been altered or are forgeries, Fulton will immediately deregister that student and annul any credits earned.