Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Fulton a University College




 Fulton College Recording studio

Towards the end of 2008, it was decided to install an audio recording studio at Fulton College.The Adventist Media Centre in Sydney gave advice and supplied the audio recording software.During 2009, we completed our first full music DVD:"Sounds like Fulton". Today we have 2 others called: "Praise" and "Joyful".

The studio was also used to assist in the preparation of promotional DVDs for Fulton College.We have been approached to help prepare outreach DVDs.We recently completed a DVD presentation on church schisms as presented by one of our qualified lay person and we have been asked to prepare some Hindi language evangelistic DVDs, such promotional material as these are requested from time to time. We plan to prepare a full music DVD annually. The studio will also be used to help some students to become proficient in the use of this kind of equipments, for future use in the service of the church.

It is our intention to make use of the studio to enhance the effectiveness of the other College programs as requested.We have done some work filming students making presentations so that they can see themslves on video, and gain useful insights into their strenghts and weaknesses most recently, we prepared a DVD presentation to show at the 2010 General Conference session that was held in Atlanta, USA.

The Fulton recording studio is an asset of Fulton College to be used in the training of our students. It will teach them the requirements and skills of audio( to a lesser extent, video) and  recording. Also with huge amount of musical talent we have in Fulton, it will enable us to produce high quality DVDs that will be a blessing to all who hears them.