Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Fulton a University College


Girls Dormatory

The gilrs dormatory is located right next the main building car-park having the advantage of a 1 minute walk to class-rooms and dining hall; this provides a more secured living. The dormatory consists of 6 blocks which are arranged in a rectangular layout that enables the students to easily interact with other boys in the dormatory. In each blocks, 20 rooms are allocated to each students. Moreover, each dorm has 2 medium sized restrooms.

Each room are assigned to one student each to allow privacy, peace and enough space. Each room have a table, chair, a bed, pillow and sheets and a closet. Safety is a priority as well in each block therefore fire alarms and fire extinguisher and an fire escape plan are included.

Extra services are provided also such as security (gate-surrounded) and washig machine for each blocks.

This includes a specific room for worships and meetings.

The girls dormatory is supervised by a staff; the Girls Dean.