Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Fulton a University College



Admission Information
Admission to Fulton College is available to any student who meets the academic and character requirements of the College and who expresses willingness to cooperate with its policies. As Fulton College is operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the majority of its students are Seventh-day Adventists. However, no particular religious commitment is required for admission; any qualified student who is comfortable with its religious, social, and cultural atmosphere may be admitted. The College does not discriminate on the grounds of race, gender, colour, creed, nationality, or ethnic origin, disability or toher legally protected characteristics.


  • Applying for the first time. Please submit documents in the application checklist.
  • Applying for re-admission after a period of academic suspension. Provide any upgrading results or information on what you have been doing since you left Fulton.
  • Applying for re-admission after withdrawing for medical reasons. Please provide a medical clearance report from the Doctor.
  • Applying for re-admission after withdrawing for financial reasons. Outstanding fees must be paid before an application is processed. Please also provide evidence fo financial support if you are returning for study.
  • Applying for re-admission after withrawing for personal or other reasons. State the reason for withdrawing; provide two current character references (one preferably from the church pastor of your area).
  • Applying for a new program after completing a Fulton Course. Submit only the completed form and a character reference.

Application Checklist

  • Local students: 1, Overseas students: 3 - recent certified passport photographs (within 6 months on the date of application) in color and taken in front of a white plain background. Photo must be labelled with your name and date of birth. Place it in an envelope and staple it onto the application form.
  • Certified copies of F6/7 or equivalent examinations results. For school leavers, please submit your latest high school results with the external results to be submitted later in the year when they are available.
  • Certified copies of all other awards, certificates and full academic transcripts.
  • Character reference. For school leavers reference from school. For non-school leavers reference from your employer or Church pastor. Reference are to be sent directly to Fulton from your referees.
  • Health Certificate (from medical doctor - for all applicants. This also includes family members of the principal applicant).
  • Baptismal Certificate (Theology applicants only).
  • Birth Certificate (for all applicants. This also includes family memebers of the principal applicant).
  • Police Clearance (for all applicants. This also includes family members of the principal applicant who are 18 years or more).
  • Marriage Certificate (if married).
  • Other documents (please specify)

    Your form will be deemed INCOMPLETE if the required documents are not submitted. Documents submitted with your application will NOT be returned. If you do not wish to submit original documents then you should submit copies that have been certified by a Commissioner of Oaths, a Senior Civil Servant, or a school Principal. Your application will be rejected if documents show alternation, erasures of any kind, or falsification.

2016 Application Form