Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Fulton a University College



Dormatory facilities providing accommodation on a room own basis and available for both young women and young men.

Married students have quaters available on the campus. Due to limited spaces please plan to apply ahead of time because we want your spouse to be part of the Fulton experience.

Opportunity to form friendship at Fulton is an experience that must not be missied. Such friendships, formed across the barriers of age and culture, can last a lifetime and create that sense of belonging, which makes the Fulton experience special.

On-campus Accomodation
There are two types of On-campus accomodation that are available to International students as well as local students here at Fulton.

Boys Dormatory
Girls Dormatory

There is also On-Campus Accomodation for the married students and their families.

Married Quarters

Off-campus Accomodation
There are various options of accomodation available also for students who wants to stay outside of campus. Numerous of neighbors are offering flats for rent and leased houses. This allows one to arrange there own way of living and cooking however must still abide by regulations of the College.

Off-campus Accomodation options